COGAT Test Analyze Kids Problem Solving and Cognitive Skills

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Prodigies tend to dazzle us with their extraordinary skills in musical instruments be it violin, piano or any other musical instruments. The basic thing to note over here is that people with virtuoso skills are god gifted and although they might have to work on their skills, even a pint of effort makes them stand out amongst the whole group.

There was once a violin prodigy who had started showing his abilities at the age as little as 28 months when he started speaking sentences fluently. He shocked his parents by learning violin skills at the age of three He participated in competitions and was able to compete amongst people older than his age and still won the competition. At the age of eleven he had started going on tours.

This example of a kid who outshined others in such early ages makes people ,who read such success stories ,wonder if their kid is also gifted .And even if he or she is gifted how do they find It out . To help out parents and teachers, to identify their kids and help them out different tests have been designed which are popularly known as COGAT and the Cogat Test Assesment

COGAT Test Analyze Children’s Cognitive Skills

Cogat Test

Cogat Test

COGAT is basically a cognitive test which helps to analyze a kids problem solving and cognitive skills . This test can be taken at anytime between grade two to seven. One might think that a COGAT test must be some I.Q based test and if their kid goes for this test they should prepare him for a superb I.Q related number. This misconception is common amongst parents and thus needed to be cleared. COGAT test is not an I.Q test and a parent does not need to make his or her kid try hard to get the best score. This test is not about any competition it is solely a means of differentiating a kid with better cognitive skills when compared with others.

If we try looking at the questions COGAT test for example it may ask an individual to relate a figure with an array of different figures given. Or it may give two figure and make the kid choose out two different figures in a way that they compliment the questioned figures.

COGAT test is taken when institutes are selecting individuals and have a certain intelligence criteria being followed. COGAT can also be taken to find out if the kid is going through some dysfunctional behavior. In both the cases, a candidate’s performance can be judged by this test. It will also help in revealing the individuals area of expertise. By knowing the dysfunctional behavior, if any found. The individual can be treated and helped to lighten the distress. And to decrease the difficulty the individual has been tagging himself with throughout this time.

Regardless of the two cases discussed above, even if a normal person goes for this test, it might assist them in knowing the area they might work best in. It might also open doors leading them towards their ultimate talent related success.


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