Cognitive Abilities Test and applications

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Is your child that smart as you brag about? Or is he/she  just another dream breaker you put your hopes in? There is but one way to answer that question but it comes with a professional assessment test.  The Cognitive Abilities Test can be the litmus test for your child’s future in talented and gifted programs because if he /she is a genius, then he/she is your golden ticket. All basic skills you may encompass through your school life shall help you in your professional life, that’s where Cognitive Abilities Test steps in making sure that the value and talent of such gifted child does not go to waste.  Anyone can get a GED and run a small time business but is that what you aim for your child with a potential? If you care about the worth of such aptitude then why not give a chance and test their cognitive abilities with the help of the Cognitive Abilities Test.

Cognitive Abilities Test

The verbal batteries section of the Cognitive Abilities Test is the collective assessment of various verbal tests that present the student with challenges for perfecting speech and selection proper words thus improving vocabulary and thinking process while composing a sentence. Good writing and talking are basic requirements in any job of any profession and to make this ability impeccable for the coming future, Verbal battery is the test one must not omit. Verbal reasoning is essential and involves three forms of assessment namely, verbal classification, sentence completion and verbal analogies. In verbal classification, the applicant must choose a word that pairs with the provided word in the same context as presented. In sentence completion the candidate must choose the correct, rather the most precise word to fill in the blanks. The last part is the verbal analogies. This part concludes the verbal reasoning and comprises of providing a possible relation from the given words.

Cognitive Abilities Test also involves a non-verbal reasoning test, which is composed of geometrical shapes and various pictures that allow the see and assess type of test for the candidate. In order to efficiently solve the problems in the given deadline, it is quite helpful if the student attempts this part with a formulated strategy so it may be done as fast possible with higher percentage of matching the illustrations. The first part is the figure classification and involves three figures of which the matching ones must be selected from the five options offered in the question. The next is figure analogies. In this section the student is presented with 3 shapes, two of which are a pair and the third is to be paired from the given options. The last is the figure analysis and comprises of a simple yet very challenging task. The candidate is required to predict the shape of a folded figure with several changes made to it and tell what the unfolded version must look like. The quantitative batteries measures quantitative reasoning skills: flexibility and fluency in working with quantitative symbols and concepts: and the ability to organize, structure and give meaning to an unordered set of numbers and mathematical symbols. These reasoning skills are significantly related to problem solving in mathematics and other disciplines

The last section is the quantitative reasoning which is solely mathematics. This section has a great impact on the evaluation of the student telling how smart he is and what criteria of challenge suits him best. There are the quantitative relations, number series and the equation building all of which involve use of numbers.

Cognitive Abilities Tests are conducted to investigate the creativity and reasoning process of the mind. They are not exactly IQ test although their goals are quite shared with the Cognitive Abilities Test. To evaluate these areas and study the possibility of future progress, certain tests are prepared targeting certain areas to bring out the awaiting achiever from the candidate.


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